The Board of the Foundation informs about the death of Mr. Wojciech Luterek our Founder. Mr.
Wojciech passed away on 12 May 2020 at the age of 92.

Mr. Wojciech dedicated the last years of his life to the idea he shared with his wife Janina Jasinska-Luterek, who died in 2018, of commemorating the artists associated with the legendary exhibition ARSENAŁ in 1955 in Warsaw. Wojciech’s wife was a painter and one of the main organizers of this important exhibition for artistic freedom. In his idea, the Foundation should also promote young artists involved in creating independent, open and free art.


Due to this sad events and their consequences, the Foundation’s Board decides to suspend all artistic and scientific projects conducted by the Foundation until further notice.

About the Foundation

The “ARSENAL 55” Foundation was established in 2018 on the initiative of Wojciech Luterek, a close friend of the four artists who created the exhibition at the Arsenal, in co-operation with the Lubusz Museum in Gorzów Wielkopolski, where works of the artists participating in that legendary undertaking have been collected since 1977.

The main goals of the Foundation are: cultivating the memory of uncompromising artists from the time of authoritarian regime; promoting contemporary artists who create uncompromising works of art, free from political influence and of high artistic quality; promoting freedom of creation in a broad sense.


We organize exhibitions in order to cultivate the memory of those artists who had the courage to oppose the oppressive authorities and who were uncompromising in their artistic views. We also support scientific research regarding the process of creating the concept of the Arsenal exhibition.


The purpose of our annual competition is to promote those artists who create works of high artistic quality and who show an uncompromising attitude towards any attempts to restrict artistic freedom.


Freedom of creation is an integral element of artistic expression. In our opinion, the lack of ideological and other social restraints is a crucial part of the process of making art.


From the Arsenal circle

A temporary exhibition Never Again. Art against War and Fascism in the 20th and 21st centuries was organized at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. It was partially inspired by the National Exhibition of Young Art (1955) and it presents a new perspective on the problems that young artists had to face during the time when art was being used as means of conveying ideological messages.

The exhibition showcases several works which had been presented at the legendary exhibition at the Arsenal in 1955,

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National Exhibition of Young Art. Warsaw 1955

The National Exhibition of Young Art was organized in Warsaw in the year 1955. The motto Against War – Against Fascism was added to the title by Polish authorities, who also provided the exhibition space in the former Arsenal building.

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Wojciech Konrad Luterek

Honorary President

Krzysztof Jedrzejczak

Chairman of the Board

Magdalena Sobierajczyk

Member of the Board

Małgorzata Pera

Member of the Board