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During the first days of its existence our Foundation contacted the artists and other persons, living both in Poland and abroad, who were involved in the creation of the legendary exhibition in 1955. The first event that we supported financially was the exhibition of works by Janina Jasińska, a co-organizer of the 1955 exhibition. Our projects require constant funding by private and institutional sources. In order to be able to undertake effective action, we need your help.

We appreciate your participation in promoting creative freedom and cultivating the memory of Polish artists.

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Donate artworks

Our Foundation works hand in hand with the Lubusz Museum in Gorzów Wielkopolski, the main purpose of which is to gather and protect the works of artists who were involved in the creation of the legendary 1955 exhibition. Our Museum collects all kinds of documents regarding Polish artists starting from the year 1945. We would appreciate your involvement in protecting the works of art and gathering information about artists for future generations.

In order to donate a work of art or documents please contact us via e-mail or telephone:

+48 95 732 38 14